MIT Postdoc/Research-Scientist position in brain stimulation and recording in-vivo in mice
We will also consider tech/experienced grad student. 


Submit application at MIT website


·       Characterize and validate the devices in cultured neurons
·       Inject or implant the devices in mouse brain or peripheral nervous system (PNS)
·       Characterize and validate the devices in-vivo in mice
·       Perform brain stimulation and/or recording

·       Demonstrate application in case of neurodegenerative diseases



·       PhD in bioengineering, neuroscience, chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, mechanical/ electrical/electronics engineering, physics, or relevant field
·       Experience with mouse surgery, stereotactic injections and implanting electrodes
·       Experience in stimulation and/or recording from mice brain
·       Experience in validation of stimulation and/or recording

·       Experience with cultured cells


·       Experience with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases
·       Experience with stem cells, 3D cultures and organoids
·       Experience with tumor models
·       Experience with isolation and preparation of primary cultured neurons
·       Experience with recording or stimulation in PNS

·       Experience with testing animal behavior

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Thank you,

Deblina Sarkar, PhD

Assistant Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

AT&T Career Development Chair Professor at MIT Media Arts and Sciences

Founder and Director of Nano-Cybernetic Biotrek Research Lab.